Help for Professional Helpers

Therapy for Healthcare Professionals In Chicago, IL Healthcare Professionals deserve care too. Book Your Appointment Knowing what to do, and doing it are two different things. WHEN THERAPISTS NEED THERAPY Therapists are human too and may experience burnout, vicarious trauma or personal issues that need to be addressed through therapy. It’s essential for therapists to […]

Chronic Pain and Illness

Chronic Pain And Mental Illness Medication

Chronic Pain and Mental Illness In Chicago, IL We’ll help you manage your spoons and live your best life. Book Your Appointment Being a human can be hard, we can help When you’re living with chronic pain and illness, small daily tasks can feel insurmountable. And life’s bigger problems are that much harder when you’re […]

Polyamory & Alternative Relationship

Not all relationships are couples

Polyamory & Alternative Relationships Therapy In Chicago, IL you can talk openly with a therapist who gets it Book Your Appointment many folks are in alternative relationships, few therapists are trained to talk about it We get it. Our patients come to us as therapy refugees — a term coined by Dossie Easton for folks […]


Therapy For Transgender

LGBTQIA+ Therapist In Chicago, IL You deserve someone who understands your issues Book Your Appointment We’re part of the community, and we want to support you. Best Therapies welcomes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, queer, intersex and asexual (LGBTQIA+) folks who want support. It’s getting scary out there for these communities — that’s why it’s […]


old wooden green door is chained and padlocked

Sex Therapy In Chicago, IL CELEBRATE THE DIVERSITY OF HUMAN SEXUALITY Book Your Appointment STEPPING AWAY FROM SHAME AND EMBRACING AUTHENTICITY INTEREST IN KINK AND BDSM IS MORE COMMON THAN YOU MAY THINK It’s only an “alternative lifestyle” if we assume that vanilla sex is the norm. In fact, many people have an interest in […]


Take Therapy For Depression

Depression Counseling In Chicago, IL Life can get better, we can show you how. Book Your Appointment No false optimism or fake platitudes WHAT IS DEPRESSION? Depression is one of the most common reasons people enter therapy. Stress, tragedy, long periods of overwork, and lack of self-care can all prompt depression. It can happen during […]


Therapy For Anxiety

Anxiety Counseling In Chicago, IL From worried to panicked, we have your back Book Your Appointment lots of therapists work with anxiety, few are experts Anxiety is the number one reason people decide to go to therapy. Work pressures, families and relationships, reading the news, and the dumpster fire that is social media can all […]