I am grounded in a holistic approach that takes into consideration and addresses all parts of your life — physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental. These aspects affect your overall health. If you are unwell in one aspect of your life, all aspects of your life are affected. Growing up as an immigrant in the United States, I experienced culture shock, ambiguous loss, and acculturation issues. I had to define – and am defining – who I am in the midst of a dominant culture. As a result, therapy is not one size fits all, and I tailor my approach in therapy to allow my clients the ability to empower themselves, support personal growth, and live their own authentic lives.

Therapy with me is down to earth. My approach is warm, inviting, collaborative and affirming. Therapy asks us to be open and vulnerable, which can be scary and overwhelming. People need to feel that they are comfortable with me, that they are at home in the therapy space, and that they are not alone in their personal journey. As a bicultural and bilingual practitioner, I incorporate a client’s strengths and cultural identity into the therapy space by drawing on relational-cultural therapy, trauma-informed therapy, object relations therapy, and feminist therapy. By implementing a client’s cultural practices, rituals, and traditions in the therapy room, clients are able to honor their inner selves, the practices they have in place, future generations, and their ancestors.