Intern | She/Her/Hers

It’s nice to meet you! My name is Ashley. My goal is to work alongside you in the therapy process and provide a space that values being genuine and avoids judgement. I believe that it is difficult to get the most out of therapy and life in general if you are not able to be your true self. Together we can build an environment that promotes self-discovery and expression without judgement.  

Life has highs and lows and can sometimes be difficult to maneuver; our sessions will likely reflect that. Not gunna lie, there is likely to be some crying and difficult moments but there will also be laughter with light sarcasm sprinkled in. Whether you have a pressing concern or you are simply looking for someone to listen, I look forward to us working together to accomplish your goals.

There are many different ways to go about therapy and different theories surrounding what we do as therapists, but I personally subscribe to a client-centered approach but will also use techniques from other approaches such as CBT and narrative therapies. My goal is to assist you in your growth not by attempting to give you all the answers but assisting you in realizing the answers that you know may work best for you. 

I am a Navy veteran and am from a military family. Being in and around the military has given me a true appreciation for people from all different walks of life and what everyone has to offer a team. I learned to depend on the strengths of people that were completely different from myself. This appreciation for others’ backgrounds has translated into the way that I practice therapy. I enjoy working with people from differing backgrounds than my own because I believe that everyone has something to offer the counseling relationship. So, let’s get into it!

If you are interested in trying things out, feel free to reach out and we can schedule an initial appointment to see if I am a good fit for what you currently need.