Therapist- Betsey Zemke
LSW | she/her/they/them

Need support? I believe hard moments can be powerful opportunities for growth, and even a chance to create positive change. As a therapist my role is to help you harness this moment and use it to help create a more authentic life. 

My passion is blending a client’s own self-knowledge with a calm and affirming therapeutic presence. I can help you appreciate your own strengths, identify the change you want to achieve, and then help you develop skills to bring you closer to that goal.

I hold an MSW degree from UIC, with a focus on mental health and gender studies. I have a broad range of experience with individual therapy, including work with adolescents, young adults, and older adults. With personal and professional experience addressing the needs of those who are queer, trans, polyamorous, or kinky, I offer knowledgeable and affirming practice to a spectrum of folks who may struggle to find the “right fit” with their therapist. I’m committed to working with individuals within LGBTQ+ communities, particularly those who are gender expansive; other areas of focus include depression and anxiety, mood disorders, life transitions, intergenerational and complex trauma, mental health in the workplace, sexuality and health, and identity development. My therapeutic style is client-led with a focus on the relationships that make up all parts of your life. I’m dedicated to a social justice framework both inside and outside the therapy room, and work to honor all aspects of your identities.

More than anything else, I appreciate the trust that you place in me when giving me the opportunity to listen to your story. I believe that my role is to help you find your voice and make meaning of your experiences in ways that help you create future growth.