LPC, NCC, MA | She/Her/Hers

Do you feel lost in your thoughts? Are you losing a sense of purpose? Have you always felt a little different from everybody else? Utilizing openness and a therapy style crafted for each unique client, I will work with you to find your true self. I specialize in working with clients who are struggling with stress, giftedness, sexual and gender identity, creativity, perfectionism, boundaries, anxiety, bipolar disorder, relationship issues, and depression. I am passionate about not only building on the practical aspects of counseling such as coping skills and self-care, but also gaining insight to find your own inner wisdom to address your struggles to build a deeper connection and awareness of the self.

I have an extensive background in the arts, and I am passionate about integrating the creative parts of ourselves in the therapeutic process. I have performed research on the intersection between bipolar disorder and artistry. I am currently working on research that explores microaggressions and felt support for LGBTQIA+ folks. Collaboration is also consistent in my work with couples, where I am passionate about improving communication and connection, healing resentment, and working through shame. Informed from my work in an inpatient psychiatric unit, I am comfortable working with clients struggling on the spectrum from mild hurdles to major mental disorders.

I will help you through your current difficulties, explore your true self, promote love and acceptance, and find a sense of purpose. I believe in cutting through the unproductive aspects of therapy and connecting genuinely with clients. You are welcome to reach out to me with any questions. I am committed to helping you find a therapist who works well with you, whether it is me or another clinician. Take a deep breath and give yourself permission to focus on you!