I’m here to support you through anything life throws at you, no matter what it is. As a queer, nonbinary, and disabled individual, I understand the importance of finding a therapist who holds similar identities to your own, and who can understand what it’s like to exist in a world with so many systemic barriers. As if navigating this world were not already a bit of a nightmare, the past year has created so many more difficulties for marginalized populations. As a white therapist, I’m committed to engaging with anti-racist work and continually examining how my whiteness impacts power dynamics with my BIPOC clients, as well as working with my white clients to examine the power and privilege we hold despite other marginalized identities.

I am passionate about working with individual teens and adults, as well as couples and families. I like to dive into childhood memories and the family dynamics with which you were raised, as they affect who we are today, and how we function both within relationships with others and with ourselves. I have a background in art of all mediums, and love to incorporate this into the therapeutic space with other creative individuals.  I have extensive experience working with the queer and trans communities, as well as with complex trauma, religious trauma, domestic violence, and mood disorders. I believe that a vital part of therapy is not only working with you on these individual issues, but examining the larger systems at play and how they continue to disenfranchise and harm everyone who comes into contact with them.

I know reaching out for help is a difficult step, but you deserve support and care through all of your endeavors. I’m ready to work side-by-side with you to help you through this difficult time and support you as you create a life for yourself that is fulfilling.