Intern | She/Her/Hers

My goal is to help you grow through acceptance, creativity, and thoughtful dialogue. By creating a safe, positive, and engaging environment, I hope to make the therapeutic process comfortable and productive. Through a unique and collaborative therapeutic relationship, I aim to cultivate trust and care, which I believe fuels meaningful change.

Together, we will work to identify the underlying patterns that affect your behaviors, thoughts, and feelings. With this heightened understanding of self, positive change can begin. Above all else, I aim to hear your story with genuine curiosity and empathy. 

Grounded in a client-centered approach, I utilize techniques from narrative therapy, and psychodynamic therapy, with a background of trauma-informed care. My background in the fields of criminal justice and education has given me a unique perspective on adult and adolescent mental health. I firmly believe that every person should have equal access to mental health services. I highly value working with people with diverse gender, sexual, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds. 

Please don’t hesitate to set up an initial appointment to see if I would make a good fit for your individual needs and healing process.