MA, Pre-Licensed Therapist | She/Her/Hers

Change is difficult and can often feel like you are alone in unexplored waters. If you feel like your drowning then let’s talk about it. Enduring difficult times in our lives can be lonely and daunting unless we have support. I desire to support you as we discover how your body, thoughts, spirit, and emotions contribute to your well-being. For me, therapy is about healing and cultivating the skills needed to become one’s own healer.

I have experience working with individuals concerning depression, anxiety, stress, relationship concerns, cultural and racial identity, and  LBGTQIA+ concerns. In sessions, I build trust, create a non-judgmental, compassionate, and comfortable atmosphere in which one can safely explore and work through various feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. Change is hard, and sometimes people need a little support to build hope for the future.

One of the bravest things that we can do is to ask for help. Your bravery in reaching out for therapy will be met with care, passion, and a therapist who believes it a privilege to walk with you on this journey. I am offering teletherapy services through phone /video and look forward to connecting with you soon.