The Power of the Emotional Wheel: How to Use It for Greater Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence

Sensation Words

Article At Glance: The emotional wheel shows eight core emotions (joy, sadness, anger, fear, etc.) and their subtle variations visually. It helps increase self-awareness by allowing you to identify and differentiate the emotions you’re feeling precisely. Therapists use the wheel to assist clients in understanding emotions, recognizing triggers, and creating coping strategies. Do you wish […]

Feelings vs. Emotions: 6 Reasons Why it Can be Helpful to Differentiate Them [2023]

Feelings Vs Emotions

Article At Glance: It helps in Identifying root causes and triggers. It increases self-awareness and control of reactions. It improves communication and relating to others. It allows better coping strategies and decision-making. Feelings vs. Emotions: What’s the Difference? What are emotions, and where do emotions come from? It might seem simple, but the answer is […]