Therapy for Healthcare Professionals In Chicago, IL

Healthcare Professionals deserve care too.

Knowing what to do, and doing it are two different things.


Therapists are human too and may experience burnout, vicarious trauma or personal issues that need to be addressed through therapy. It’s essential for therapists to take care of their own mental health needs, period. And it’s also crucial so they can continue to provide quality care to their clients. 

Studies have shown that mental health disorders are prevalent among healthcare professionals, with rates of depressionanxiety and burnout higher than the general population. Therapy for therapists is becoming more common and accepted in the mental health field. Our team at Best Therapies can help.
Psychotherapy For Individual in Chicago


Whether it’s balancing work life balance,  dealing with compassion fatigue, or working on something more serious, we can help you take some time and focus on yourself. 


Therapy can be a crucial tool for care professionals in managing their mental health. It can provide a safe and confidential space for therapists to:

  • Explore their own thoughts and feelings
  • Gain insight into their own behavior and patterns
  • Develop coping strategies for stress and burnout
  • Address any unresolved issues or trauma that may be impacting their work with clients
  • Uncover biases, oversights and gaps in awareness

Through therapy, therapists can improve their overall well-being and gain crucial insights, which can ultimately lead to better patient care. By seeking therapy, therapists also model self-care and destigmatize mental health treatment for their patients and colleagues.


If you’re a therapist or other healthcare professional and you’ve been feeling burned out or experiencing compassion fatigue or other mental health challenges, it’s important to seek help. Signs that it may be time to reach out for therapy include:

  • Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and irritable
  • Having difficulty concentrating or sleeping
  • Feeling disconnected from loved ones
  • Noticing physical symptoms such as headaches, stomachaches or body pain
  • Experiencing compassion fatigue or burnout
  • Experiencing personal issues that are impacting work
  • Struggling with the ethical or moral implications of work

We know it can be hard to prioritize your own mental health. But like putting your life mask on first in an airplane, you have to take care of you first so you can continue to provide quality care to others.


At Best Therapies, our counselors understand the importance of personal therapy for therapists. Our therapy services are specifically designed for healthcare professionals and care professionals, including therapists, psychologists, social workers and nurses. Our therapists get the unique challenges and stressors that come with working in the healthcare industry. They create a confidential, nonjudgmental space for therapists and other care professionals to process their experiences and develop coping strategies for stress and burnout.

Our therapy for healthcare professionals may involve:

  • Exploring stress management techniques
  • Building resilience
  • Developing healthy coping mechanisms for stress and trauma
  • Using cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) or mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) to address specific mental health challenges

In addition to therapy for individuals, we also offer support groups and workshops specifically for healthcare professionals. These spaces allow care professionals to connect with others in the field and share their experiences, challenges and successes.

We have flexible appointment times and virtual therapy options available to help fit your busy schedule. If you’re a therapist or other healthcare professional, we encourage you to reach out and explore how therapy can support you in your work and life.

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