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You can love each other, and struggle to get along.

Relationships are hard. They can be complicated as people try and figure out  intimacy, sex, and conflict. Growing up in different homes, with different families, and different rules can lead to unspoken assumptions that sabotage happiness. Luckily, there are very effective ways to help couples reconnect and find their way to a better future.

Psychotherapy For Individual in Chicago

Relationship counseling is a collaborative process, where we use a combination of testing, skills training, and talk therapy to help you learn more about your partner, how to fight fair, and how to increase intimacy. The skills we teach are pragmatic and research based, and will help.

Relationship REsources

Gottman Apps
Apple Store

Great apps for improving relationship connection.

Mating in Captivity by Esther Perel
Great book on managing the tension between emotional safety and erotic needs in a relationship.

The Seven Principles for Making Marriages Work

Great book on the essentials of building a strong relationship. Despite the title, it is useful for anyone wanting to strengthen their relationship.