Therapist- Tom Doctor
LCSW, CADC, Clinical Director | he/him/they/them

Talking about sex can be hard. As a sex therapist, I have dedicated my career to making conversations about sex easier and more productive. Whether you’re struggling with communication, desire, or feel like sex isn’t the way that it “should” be, it might be time to reach out. My passion is guiding individuals, couples, and other relationship constellations towards more satisfying relationships – both in and outside of the bedroom.

As a queer person, I recognize that gender is often messy and the more you examine your gender, the messier it becomes. I created Genderf**k, a gender exploration group, during my time at Howard Brown Health as a space to facilitate community building and open exploration of intersectional identity with a gender expansive group. At Best Therapies, I take that experience to further my work with individuals exploring and examining their own identity.

I am passionate about fostering an affirming space for LGBTQIA+, consensually non-monogamous, and kink/BDSM involved clients to authentically and unabashedly tackle whatever life challenges present. I recognize my positionality and privilege as an educated, white, queer person and consistently seek to continue my own personal and professional growth. I strive to always approach therapeutic work through an anti-oppressive lens and work to decenter structural whiteness in my practice. Please reach out to to schedule a brief phone consultation.