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Child Counseling and Therapy in Chicago, IL

As adults, we underestimate the level of stress our young ones go through daily. Whether it’s overwhelming amounts of schoolwork, bullies that make them anxious or depressed in their academic environment, or a broken home that leaves them feeling fearful or unloved, children experience traumatic emotions just as adults do. 

Unlike adults, children may not have the tools, outlet, or language skills to voice their troubles or break down what they’re feeling. That’s where child counseling comes in. At Best Therapies in Chicago, IL, our experienced specialists work with children and teens dealing with a mental illness or emotional strain to help them regain confidence and happiness. 

Therapy For Child And Adolescence

When Is the Best Time to Seek Out a Child Therapist in Chicago?

Some parents have trouble reaching out to their children as they get older. With new friends, peer pressure, and media influence, puberty becomes a time when children are open to more as they search for their identity.

Sometimes a child can experience a distressing or shocking event, causing them to regress in their communication skills or drastically change in character over a short period. Speaking to a child therapist in Chicago may be easier for your child as an unbiased and comforting professional won’t judge them, allowing them to address their concerns during child counseling in a safe environment. 

Other Conditions Our Qualified Therapists Treat with Counseling for Parents and Children

Other behavioral or emotional concerns might include:


Whether from divorce or loss, suffering stems from a changing reality and inability to see someone you love. It can also include not understanding why things unfolded the way they did or how to move past loss. Child counseling helps your child work through the grieving process healthily.

Rocky parent/child bonds

As your child grows, you may hear a refrain of “you just don’t understand!” Counseling for parents and children can clear up misunderstandings and restrengthen family bonds. At a certain age, teens feel disconnected from their parents as they begin to live a life separate from them.

Sleeping issues

Wetting the bed, being scared of the dark, having constant nightmares, or experiencing separation anxiety or insomnia are just a few of the sleeping issues we can help with.


Like adults, many children feel the weight of body shaming, bullying, and physical or verbal abuse. They can experience heartache from breakups, loss, parental divorce, bad grades, and more. Depression may lead to thoughts of running away, drug and alcohol abuse, or suicide. Our specialists are highly skilled at unpacking and remedying these issues.


Autism, ADHD, eating and sleeping disorders, and other conditions are complex for you and your child to navigate. Child counseling helps the family understand your child’s unique situation and relays tools to help them recover or receive the most out of their academic and personal lives.

What to Expect from Best Therapies

For years, Best Therapies has been helping children and families in Chicago, IL, build stronger foundations for healthier relationships. With our focus on the good in individuals and the family unit, we help our patients overcome their biggest concerns, fears, griefs, and insecurities. Call (773) 377-5261 or email TEAM@BESTTHERAPIES.ORG to help set your child on the right path today!

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