Prenatal Trauma Therapy In Chicago, IL

Prenatal trauma therapy is a space to share all of your fears and concerns as you take on the challenges of pregnancy. Though most people have heard of postpartum depression and the difficulties that mothers face after giving birth, many people do not consider the impact of emotional turmoil during pregnancy.

Prenatal Trauma Therapy In Chicago

At Best Therapies, we understand the extreme emotions you face during pregnancy. If you are overwhelmed by stress and fear, one of our prenatal trauma therapists helps. Your therapist can help guide you through this profoundly significant and difficult time as you prepare to welcome a new baby.

What Prenatal Trauma Is and Its Potential Impact on Mental Health

Prenatal trauma can occur for various reasons, regardless of whether this is your first or fifth time giving birth. Experiencing a traumatic pregnancy can have serious effects on your physical and mental health that can continue even after giving birth.

Some prenatal mental health issues arise seemingly out of nowhere. Everything may seem to be going well, but you become inundated with intrusive thoughts about what could potentially go wrong.

Traumatic birth experiences can also cause prenatal trauma. If you have gone through a traumatic birth, you may have difficulty quelling the fears that your current pregnancy will end similarly. All of these thoughts are common, and seeking help is a step toward resolving prenatal trauma.

Signs and Symptoms of Prenatal Trauma

Mental health issues during pregnancy often come in the form of anxiety. Though you are trying to stay calm, you simply cannot escape the constant thoughts of “what if” and feel that something will go wrong.

Depression, lack of sleep, or flashbacks to previous birth trauma are also common symptoms of prenatal trauma. Many symptoms present themselves similarly to those of post-traumatic stress disorder. Though entirely normal, these symptoms can be unpleasant or uncomfortable and have a lasting negative impact on your health.

You don’t have to go through this trauma alone. Though you may believe that some of your symptoms are normal byproducts of your pregnancy, it is never a bad idea to seek professional help. An experienced prenatal trauma counselor can help you work through your experience and provide a sense of safety and reassurance through this momentous stage of your life.

What Is Prenatal Trauma Therapy?

Prenatal therapy is a way to get help and advice from outside your personal circle. Though you may know many other people who have been through pregnancy, they may not be able to relate to your experiences, leaving you with feelings of hopelessness and isolation.

At Best Therapies, we understand the severity and reality of prenatal trauma. If it feels as if nobody understands what you are going through, one of our experienced counselors can help by listening to you and creating a safe space to discuss what you’re going through and develop strategies to help you cope.

Objectives of Prenatal Trauma Therapy

Prenatal counseling aims to improve the mental health of pregnant people. You are struggling enough with the physical demands of pregnancy; poor mental health is the last thing you need to worry about.

Pregnancy can be a traumatic experience. Our goal is to guide you through the challenging mental aspects of a pregnancy that you may not feel able to discuss with loved ones.

Benefits of Prenatal Trauma Therapy

With the right therapist, you can work through the causes and symptoms of your trauma to remain calm and healthy throughout the pregnancy.

Emotional trauma can have real physical effects on your health. By seeking help, you can improve your mental health and physical health, creating the best possible experience for you and your unborn baby.

Our Prenatal Trauma Therapy Services in Chicago, IL

Whether you are seeking therapy for birth trauma or depressive symptoms during pregnancy or you simply need someone to talk to, Best Therapies is here to help.

Our team is inclusive and non-judgemental, including experts on various mental and reproductive health topics. We understand the intense fears and trauma that can result from pregnancy or birth, and we’re here to offer advice and coping mechanisms specific to your situation.

Our process involves working through the causes and symptoms of your trauma and helping you implement everyday solutions to get you through your pregnancy as healthily as possible.

How to Get Started with Best Therapies

Looking for “preconception counseling near me”? Best Therapies is the top choice for prenatal trauma therapy in Chicago, IL. Seeking professional help benefits you and your unborn baby by preventing undue stress and lasting trauma from pregnancy.

Our scheduling is flexible, making time for you when you need it most. Contact us at (773) 377-5261 to find the best therapist for you and regain control of your mental health.

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