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Are you in search of a gender-affirming provider? At Best Therapies, we have a team of providers that are here to support you on your journey whether you’re questioning your gender identity, in need of a gender-affirming letter for an upcoming surgery, or in need of processing the day-to-day challenges, we are here for you.

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How can therapy help?

The world is a weird dark place right now, so let us help you make sense of things.

Gender-affirming care is pertinent, we understand that each individual’s journey is unique and we are here to support your exploration and get you closer to your goals with medical/social transition. At Best Therapies, we offer the following gender-affirming services:

  • A one-time session for a WPATH letter for gender-affirming surgery
  • Gender affirming letters for HRT/medical transition
  • Family sessions 
  • Connecting you with a GNC/Non-binary/trans or Queer clinician at Best Therapies
  • An affirming therapeutic space to process and work towards your therapy/transition goals
  • Connecting you with gender-affirming care providers/resources in Illinois

If you are questioning your gender identity, experiencing gender dysphoria, or have body dysmorphia, reach out to our team for support. We want to connect with you, create goals together, and meet you where you are in your journey.

why choose best therapies for gender focused care?

Here at Best Therapies, we understand the complexities of navigating trans health care and the barriers that can come with accessing gender-affirming care. We have several non-binary/GNC and trans therapists on staff who are here to support you in your gender journey whether you need a space to process if medical transition is for you, or you need a letter for HRT or an upcoming gender affirming surgery. We’re here for you.



From surgery to hormone therapy to clothing, we've got you covered.


A step by step guide to changing your name in Cook County, Illinois.

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