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The majority of therapists receive little to no training on talking about sexuality issues. A lot of couples come into therapy to talk about their sex life and spend months on fighting more fairly. Obviously, conflict and connection are two important components to address. Yet sometimes folks get along great but have lost their sexual connection, and some folks who fight all the time have a great sex life.

People often want to share their difficult, weird or simply amazing sexual encounters with their therapist so they can process the experiences but feel stifled or embarrassed to bring it up with a therapist who has never seemed open or interested. Well, screw that. (Pun intended.) (We’re sorry.)

Research shows that people who can talk about and process their sexual encounters tend to have better, more fulfilling sex. If you can’t talk about problems, desires and needs, you’re less likely to have the kind of sex that you want. We can help, whether it’s educating you on the fun parts of sex that your sex ed class might have glossed over or coaching you on how to talk to your partner about your needs.

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Our sex positive therapists are kink and poly friendly and supportive of the LGBTQIA+ community. Many members of our team are part of these communities, and we regularly provide additional training and resources so our clients can feel affirmed and supported no matter their identity. 


Sex positive therapy can address sexual concerns and improve your sexual well-being. It’s not just about what’s wrong but finding out what is right for you — figuring out and celebrating what pleasure looks like to you. It can be beneficial for individuals and couples who are experiencing a wide range of sexual issues, such as low libido, erectile dysfunction, orgasm difficulties, sexual pain, mismatched desires and communication problems related to sex. Sex therapy aims to help people develop a healthier and more satisfying sexual life.

Here are some ways in which sex therapy can help:

Education and information

Sex therapy provides accurate information and education about sexual health, anatomy, and physiology. It helps folks understand the physical and psychological aspects of sexuality, dispelling myths and misconceptions.

Assessment and diagnosis

Sex therapists conduct a thorough assessment of the individual or couple’s sexual concerns. They help identify any underlying medical, psychological or relational factors that may contribute to the difficulties. This assessment helps in creating the right treatment plan.

Addressing emotional and psychological factors

Sex therapy recognizes that sexual issues can often be influenced by emotional and psychological factors. Therapists help individuals and couples explore any underlying emotional or relational issues that may impact their sexual experiences. This may involve addressing body image concerns, past trauma, anxiety or stress.

Communication and relationship enhancement

A sex positive therapist will provide a safe and nonjudgmental space for couples to discuss their sexual desires, concerns and expectations. They help couples develop effective communication skills, negotiate boundaries and ensure consent is clear to create a more satisfying sexual relationship.

Developing sexual skills and techniques

Sex therapy can involve teaching individuals and couples specific skills and techniques to enhance their sexual experiences. This may include guidance on arousal and desire, sexual exploration, techniques to improve intimacy and pleasure, and managing sexual difficulties.

Treating sexual dysfunctions

Sex therapy can be effective in treating sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, vaginismus and orgasmic disorders. Therapists use evidence-based techniques and interventions tailored to the specific dysfunction to help individuals overcome these challenges.

Exploration of sexual identity and orientation

Sex therapy provides a supportive environment for people who are questioning or exploring their sexual identity or orientation. Therapists can offer guidance, information and support as people navigate their own unique journeys of self-discovery.

Managing sexual trauma or abuse

For folks who have experienced sexual trauma or abuse, sex therapy can be a valuable part of the healing process. Therapists work sensitively and collaboratively to help their client address and heal from past traumatic experiences, fostering a sense of safety and empowerment.


Our sex therapists create a safe, supportive and nonjudgmental environment where individuals and couples can openly discuss their concerns and work toward solutions. Our therapists focus on sex positivity and kink positivity. We’re affirming of LGBTQIA+, polyamorous/nonmonogamous and kinky folks, helping you feel empowered in the bedroom no matter your relationship structures or partners.

By addressing sexual issues and improving sexual well-being, sex therapy can help you enhance your overall quality of life, deepen intimacy, and cultivate a healthier and more satisfying sexual relationship. We want to help you feel comfortable and happy with your sex life and sexual relationships as part of your whole self.

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Sex Positive REsources

The Ethical Slut

The classic book for figuring out sexuality outside of expectations.

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This great book lays out various theories about sexuality and sexual connection and how to apply those theories to your own life.

Wild and Sublime

A Chicago "infotainment" show about sex, relationships, and sexuality. Panels include local Chicago "sexperts" and there's lots of great education on a variety of topics, as well burlesque perfomances.

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