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The majority of therapists receive little to no training on talking about sexuality issues. A lot of couples come in to therapy to talk about their sex life, and spend months on fighting more fairly. Obviously, conflict and connection are two components to address, but sometimes folks get along great and have lost their sexual connection and some folks who fight all the time have a great sex life.  Individuals often times want to share their difficulty, weird, or simply amazing sexual encounters with their therapist so they can process the experiences, but feel stifled or embarrassed to bring it up with a therapist who has never seemed open or interested. Well, screw that. (Pun intended.) (We’re sorry.)

Screws Sex Positive

Research shows that people that can talk about and process their sexual encounters tend to have better, more fulfilling sex. If you can’t talk about problems, desires, and needs, you’re less likely to have the kind of sex that you want.  We can help, whether it’s educating you on the fun parts of sex that your sex ed class might have glossed over, or coaching you on how to talk to your partner about your needs. 

Sex Positive REsources

The Ethical Slut

The classic book for figuring out sexuality outside of expectations.

GLBT National Help Center

This great book lays out various theories about sexuality and sexual connection, and how to apply those theories to your own life.

Wild and Sublime

A Chicago "infotainment" show about sex, relationships, and sexuality. Panels include local Chicago "sexperts" and there's lots of great education on a variety of topics, as well burlesque perfomances.

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