MEd, Pre-Licensed Therapist | she/her/hers

I’m a queer therapist of color committed to helping anyone learn how to thrive as the best person they can be. I believe we all have an inherent ability and tools to make the change desired for personal growth. I’m here to help you cultivate such abilities. My work focuses on those experiencing life as a marginalized identity which includes LGBTQIAA, BIPOC, or any other identity that experiences stress simply for being themselves dealing with systemic oppression. As a queer woman of color, I have experience with the angst and resilience of living with a marginalized, intersectional identity.

I believe effective therapy recognizes the whole person—the struggles as well as your strengths. When dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, complex/vicarious trauma, I love to incorporate creative and self-expressive interventions to increase self-awareness, promote self-efficacy, and emotion regulation to help clients reach their wellness goals. My approach includes CBT, Narrative therapy, Somatic therapy, and Mindfulness-based stress reduction.