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DBT, dialectical behavior therapy, is a type of psychotherapy that focuses on understanding and managing emotions and behavior. For those who often feel overwhelmed by their emotions, DBT provides much-needed relief.

This form of treatment involves individual and group therapy sessions. DBT can help people with mental health issues learn effective strategies for coping with their symptoms in private and public settings. 

If you think DBT is the right approach for your individual needs, the Best Therapies team in Chicago, IL, is here to assist in any way we can.

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How Does DBT Help?

DBT utilizes elements of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness training to aid patients in coping with the pain and distress associated with emotional and behavioral disorders. The goal of DBT is to help patients identify negative thinking and behaviors that may be contributing to their difficulties. Mindfulness techniques guide patients toward developing an awareness of their emotions and the effect that these emotions have on their behaviors.

There are several different components to DBT. Each treatment element aims to help patients improve their emotional regulation and coping skills. For example, the DBT skills groups teach individuals to manage their emotions in different situations. Experts impart these skills through individual and group exercises that help patients practice new skills with the guidance of DBT therapists.

The interpersonal effectiveness component focuses on improving relationships between patients and their loved ones by teaching interpersonal skills such as communication and conflict resolution techniques. Finally, the distress tolerance component teaches individuals how to manage challenging situations, such as dealing with anger and stress, without resorting to impulsive behaviors that can hurt them.

DBT at Best Therapies

The DBT program begins with an intensive outpatient treatment program that includes individual counseling, weekly group therapy sessions, and the use of diaries to track mood, behavior, and other important information. As a part of DBT therapy, clients will typically meet with a therapist in one-on-one sessions and participate in weekly group meetings.

During each session, the therapist will discuss the client’s goals and challenges and how they can improve their quality of life. The therapist may also encourage the client to express emotions in a safe and supportive environment. The group sessions can benefit clients struggling to come to terms with their feelings and behaviors. In these sessions, members can discuss their problems and concerns with other group members and learn new ways to cope with difficult situations.

At Best Therapies, we are committed to delivering high-quality DBT therapy in the Chicago area. Providing clients with support and respect makes every session highly effective in promoting emotional growth and healing. Working with a DBT specialist will help you develop the tools you need to improve your mental health and wellness.

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