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Not everyone’s brain works the same way. Some folks have a bigger emotional reaction to a fight and a slower return to baseline. Some people struggle with focus and concentration. Some people find they can be hyperfocused on a task to the detriment of their job, or might feel very overwhelmed in a crowd.  For a lot of our patients, being diagnosed with is the first difficult but necessary step to change, whether it’s finding out you have ADHD, PTSD, a personality disorder or if you’re on the Autism spectrum. Learning about how your brain works can help  you become more adaptive, so that you can better apply your strengths and avoid pitfalls. Our therapists love working with brains of all varieties,  including yours.

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We’ll use an eclectic approach to help you address the emotional and logistic needs of your life. CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and  DBT (Dialectic behavioral therapy) can both be helpful in treating the trauma and strong emotions while being effective at problem solving.

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Great resource for neurodivergent folks.

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