Postnatal Trauma Counseling In Chicago, IL

For some women, the birth of their child is the happiest day of their life. For many people, however, this is not the case. Trauma surrounding the birth or postpartum mood disorders are incredibly common and can harm your health without postnatal trauma counseling.

Giving birth can be a physically and emotionally traumatic event and lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). If your birth did not go as planned or there were complications, you may be dealing with anger or fear. The effects of a traumatic birth can follow you long into parenthood, but you can address them with the help of a professional postnatal therapist.

Postnatal Trauma Counseling In Chicago

At Best Therapies, we are here to help. Our counselors have extensive knowledge of the hardships of postnatal trauma and the challenges that can arise during pregnancy. Your therapist can create a judgment-free space to discuss your experience and support you as you process your birth experience and the challenges of new parenthood.

Postnatal Trauma and Its Potential Impact on Mental Health

Postnatal trauma may come in various forms and begin at any time. Some people have trauma surrounding the birth itself that continues into parenthood, affecting their ability to sleep, regulate emotions, and connect to their family.

Postpartum mood and anxiety disorders (PMAD) are similar, but a traumatic birth experience does not necessarily cause them. Symptoms of postpartum mood disorders can settle in even months after birth and persist long after.

Even if you did not give birth yourself, you may experience PMAD after your partner gives birth. Though you were not the pregnant one in your relationship, your life has changed equally significantly. Intrusive thoughts, insomnia, or postpartum depression may also set in for fathers or partners. You can process and cope with this pain through postnatal trauma counseling.

What Is Postnatal Trauma Therapy and How It Works?

Postnatal trauma therapy gives you a safe space to discover the source of your mental health struggles and learn new ways to combat them. Even if the birth resulted in a happy and healthy baby, you still may feel the debilitating consequences of birth trauma.

A professional therapist is the best choice for anyone suffering from postnatal trauma. Even if you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings with loved ones, a trained therapist can address your symptoms without bias and provide you with expert advice and coping strategies. In addition to individual therapy, group therapy can also be beneficial, offering a supportive environment where you can connect with others who share similar experiences.

In postnatal therapy, you can address your birth itself and what types of triggers may be the most severe for you. By identifying the source of your triggers, you can identify harmful thoughts and replace them with healthier, more balanced thoughts. When you begin to feel like yourself again, you will feel less isolated in your experiences and better able to connect with your child and your loved ones.

If your symptoms are not connected to the experience of giving birth, you can still benefit from postnatal trauma therapy. Emotional hardships are common after childbirth; your licensed therapist can use their education and experience to help you work through them.

Goals and Objectives of Postnatal Trauma Therapy

Therapy can help you alleviate the distressing symptoms of birth trauma. By working with a professional, you can better understand the reasons behind your feelings, allowing you to work past them and continue your life without fear. Postnatal trauma counseling can help you handle your current situation and teach you skills to handle childbirth if you choose to do so again.

When you begin to reckon with your trauma, you can form a stronger connection with your child and gain confidence in your parenting abilities. There is nothing wrong with you that is causing you to feel this anxiety or depression, and working on solutions with your therapist is the best way to support yourself, your child, and your partner.

Signs and Symptoms of Postnatal Trauma

Postnatal trauma can present in many ways but often appears as PTSD. These symptoms include difficulty sleeping, irritability, and intrusive thoughts, often including unpleasant memories of the birth itself.

You may be familiar with the term “baby blues,” which refers to the period of time after giving birth in which a new parent experiences mood swings. Though this can be normal, it typically sets in a few days after the birth and lasts less than two weeks.

You may be experiencing postnatal trauma if you find yourself severely depressed or anxious for weeks or months after the birth or if these symptoms begin long after having your baby. If you are unsure of the exact nature of your mental distress, it is always best to contact a professional.

You may not even realize the severity of your postnatal trauma until you begin to work with a therapist. This is okay! Asking for help shows immense strength and will help you and your family function at your very best.

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Struggling with PMAD or birth trauma can make you feel helpless and alone. You will receive the support you need through our best psychotherapy services to get back on track.

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