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Rebuilding Intimacy, friendship, and sexual Connection

lots of therapists work with couples, few are experts

It’s easy to get lost in relationship counseling. People’s lives are complex, and a lot of therapists compensate by using cookie cutter “one size fits all” treatment for every couple that comes across them. That’s where the Gottman Model really shines. 

Rebuild Intimacy, Friendship And Sexual Connection With Gottman Therapy Approach

We do testing at the beginning of treatment to determine exactly where the tough spots are in your relationship, and what precise skills we can teach you to best help. Whether it’s recovering from an affair, dealing with baby blues, or reconnecting with your sexual heat, we can help. 

Gottman REsources

Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

Gottman's classic book on marriage and long term relationships.

The Relationship Cure

Great skills for relationships of all kinds.

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