“Even Trees Need to Lean”

In a society that emphasizes our unique differences, seeking out help and support continues to be stigmatized. Just as a tree cannot weather every storm that comes its way, neither can we, or should we, face life’s challenges on our own. As a Black, gay man from the South I’ve always been driven to help people learn how support informs us about our potential to access and achieve our goals. Awareness is the key. There is so much power in learning how our thoughts and emotions center not only our mental health, but through awareness we can learn about how our mental state affects our life in many ways. When we are cognizant of our emotions, we develop a deeper sense of self, and those perceptions of self can lead to growth in all aspects of life.

Throughout my years of education and working in mental health, I’ve adapted a holistic therapeutic approach that affords me the ability to utilize multiple therapeutic theories and interventions to address the needs of my clients. My approaches are primarily Gestalt Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Person Centered Therapy. Utilizing interchanging methods based on the needs of clients allows me to work effectively with clients and their ever-changing circumstances. My emphases have always been addressing mental health of marginalized groups, and understanding how culture should be respected and acknowledged in the therapeutic space. As I continue to work on obtaining my doctorate in psychology, my interventions and approach to treatment informs me how to customize the therapeutic space for each client and praise our differences while promoting inner healing. Creating emotional space and showing the power of it helps my clients regain control of their lives and become the narrator of their story again.