Trauma therapy

Treating Trauma shouldn't be Traumatic

lots of therapists work with Trauma, few are experts

Human beings deal with trauma. Eventually all of us will experience it, whether as a child or as an adult. The question isn’t if we’ll have it, but how are we going to deal with it. 

The aftermath of trauma can bunt our emotions, confuse us, panic us, and generally make our life tough.  The key to improving our lives is through acceptance. Accepting how bad it was, how unfair, how difficult. And also accepting the good that might have come from terrible circumstances, the strength we have, and even the fact that though we’ve lived through hard times, we’ve survived.

Trauma REsources

National Center for PTSD
Lots of excellent resources.

Somatic Exercises for Trauma
Hotline with peer-counseling and local resources

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