Chronic Pain and Mental Illness

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Whether you’ve been feeling ill and are searching for a diagnosis, or if you have been dealing with health issues your whole life, we get it. Dealing with illness and disability can be really stressful.  Unfortunately, dealing with a broken health care system, burn out support people, and difficult work places can make things much more intense.  A lot of our patients enter therapy feeling isolated, scared, and angry with few places to vent, and unsure of what skills or resources they can access.


We always start by listening. We’re on your team, we’ll hear you and help you figure out what to do next. Whether it’s how to advocate for your needs with a doctor, how to manage your anxiety around an uncertain future, or how to make your life more functional, we can work on skills and plan together. Life is hard, but we have your back.

Chronic Pain And Mental Illness Medication

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has been proven to be one of the best treatments for anxiety symptoms. Using mindfulness, we can help diminish the magnitude of pain, and help you sort out the problems we need to accept and how to best fight for the things we can change.  

Spoonie REsources

Chronic Pain Association
A list of great resources for folks dealing with pain issues.

Crisis Text Line Great text line for dealing with crisis and feeling overwhelmed.

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