Polyamory & Alternative Relationships Therapy

you can talk openly with a therapist who gets it

many folks are in alternative relationships, few therapists are trained to talk about it

We get it. Our patients come to us as therapy refugees, a term coined by Dossie Easton, for folks who experience shame and stigma from their therapist. Due to a lack of training, many therapists bring their own biases and half-formed theories about relationships into their work. All of our therapists are knowledgeable about working with alternative relationships. Many identify as being part of the community.

Not all relationships are couples

We also understand that while alternative relationships have their own unique challenges, from opening up to dealing with a boundary violation, for many people, their relationship structure is not the focal point of therapy. People would like to discuss their relationships and partners as background to dealing with depression, anxiety, or other issues. We promise to listen to you about the serious issues in your life and to provide you skills in coping with them without judgement. We will also be pumped to celebrate your successes in your relationships, however you define them.

Consensual Non-Mongamy resources

The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom

Research and resources for non-mongamous folks.

Chicago Poly Meetup

A great resource for Poly folx in and around Chicago,

Loving More

A non-profit doing research and sponsoring conferences.

Our Experts

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