Couple Therapist-Jack Sweeney
Intern | He/Him/His

Are you feeling lost? Uninspired? Overwhelmed? Therapy doesn’t have to be the front-facing camera of how we see ourselves. By showing up and being honest, we can reposition the lens, adjust undesirable angles and tweak the lighting to help illuminate your happiest, most grounded self. My approach to the therapeutic relationship is YOU-centered. You deserve to feel confident and comfortable in our relationship so we can reflect and better prepare you to handle whatever crisis comes next.

I treat the therapeutic relationship as a collaboration. I have an expansive view of the human spirit, relate to the pitfalls of human experience and possess a profound understanding of the disconnect which can occur between the stories we tell ourselves, and the realities we actually face. I have experience providing culturally sensitive, trauma-informed care to newly arrived immigrants and refugees and as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I connect deeply with creating safe space and bearing witness to the unique challenges we all face.

I am committed to working with individuals within my own community, as well as adults who struggle with trauma associated with religious, educational and workplace abuse. While I utilize a strengths-based, humanistic approach, once we get to know one another, I will gladly identify distorted cognitive patterns and provide alternative perspectives. Working with both individuals and couples, I have completed Level 1 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy. Let’s work together to meet your goals while expanding our worldview on the path to wellness.