Sex Therapy

human sexuality is diverse and can be a fulcrum for personal growth

stepping away from shame and embracing authenticity

Many kinksters enter therapy having had bad experiences with previous therapists. Frequently representations of kink in the media are stereotyped and negative, and the advice people get from friends and family can be full of stigma, or just misinformed. A kink-knowledgeable therapist can be a powerful ally in correcting bad information or helping you connect more fully with your authentic self. 

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Kink-knowledgeable therapists can help you whether you’re figuring out your identity and interests, adjusting to a change in circumstances like illness (or a pandemic), or wondering how best to connect to a long-established partner.

Resources for Alternative relationship structure


The primary Kink social media option- lots of resources and local Chicago opportunities for classes and social interaction,

National Coalition of Sexual Freedom (NCFS)

Great advocacy group with lots of excellent resources.

Kink Aware Professional List (KAP)

A great listing for kink aware doctors, lawyers, therapists and other professionals.

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