Therapist For Polyamorous Relationship- Jamie Warren
MSW, LSW | They/Them/Theirs

At some point in our early childhoods, we learned (whether communicated directly or indirectly) that we must sacrifice a part of our authentic selves in order to be worthy of love. Even as adults, this shame around our true selves continues to hold us back from feeling deeply connected with others, living by our values, and finding internal peace to buoy us through uncertain, stressful times.

My goal as a therapist is to create and build a safe, unconditionally compassionate space, absent of judgment. I believe we all benefit from speaking our stories and pain out loud and being deeply listened to. I believe in the healing power of tears as much as I do laughter. I believe we find peace, joy, and purpose in working hard to be the best versions of ourselves. To me, this means contending with our limited perspectives, our past mistakes, and our emotional wounds in order to develop empathy and acceptance for ourselves and others.

My therapeutic approach is rooted in psychodynamic and Rogerian, person-centered principles. I’m kink-informed, pro-sex work, and familiar with polyamorous and nontraditional relationship structures.