MA, LPC, R-DMT | She/Her/Hers

I am a trauma informed, somatic therapist with a social justice lens. This means that I  focus on the ways we’ve been taught to live only in our heads and ignore the rest of  ourselves, who we are, and what we need. I work with people to guide them into  noticing their senses, emotional cues that are felt in their bodies, and inner sensations.  This is often where we come to our own answers and our personal truths. This being  said I recognize, as a trauma informed practitioner, that the information in our bodies is  not always readily accessible to us for various reasons and sometimes it just doesn’t  feel safe to inhabit our whole beings completely. It is my job to work with each person  as they are in the moment, to always offer choice, and to provide a space to talk, share  and process.

I have experience working as a perinatal therapist, helping folks navigate the joy and  also the grief involved with trying to conceive, going through pregnancy, and  experiencing their own metaphorical birth as new parents. This time of life is complex  and can be even more layered with LGBTQIA+ folks. I enjoy exploring the surprises,  setbacks, challenges, and joys that come with the perinatal timeframe.

I am also excited to open my practice to people in the kink and poly communities.  Somatic therapy lends itself to exploring inner knowing, sensory understanding, and  relational exploration. There can also be an inherent wisdom to what our bodies want  and moving/healing trauma. There is space to explore this knowing without shame or  judgment.