Emily Zibell- Therapist for Anxiety, Depression and Adjustment Disorders
LCPC, NCC | She/Her/Hers

I am a firm believer that when undergoing life’s challenges, we owe it to ourselves to be our own best support person we can be. Sometimes that means asking for help. Whether it’s managing the stresses of everyday life, keeping up with ever changing and ongoing societal and systemic concerns, or managing serious mental health distress, I am excited and honored to work with you towards your therapy goals. 

I come from a background working seven years in a behavioral health hospital, specializing in adults with mood disorders including: anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and adjustment disorders. This work has given me the opportunity to learn from, support, and guide individuals through all levels of concern from change of life stress to chronic mental health diagnoses. I work primarily from a framework of CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy), REBT (rational emotive behavioral therapy), and some DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy) but think it is important to pull from other evidence-based practices to best meet a client where they are at.  

I enjoy including existential and philosophical conversations into my practice about why we do what we do and how to make the world a better place alongside psychoeducation and coping skills. I also like to add in humor and levity when possible because, frankly, we could all use a good laugh now and again. I look forward to collaborating with you on your goals and aspirations and seeing what the future has in store.