What Is Emotional Trauma? Types, Causes, Signs, And Symptoms Of Emotional Trauma

How To Recover From Emotional Trauma

Welcome to sadness The temperature is unbearable until you face it Thank you for flying with Strange Airlines I will be your tour guide today* Trauma has been described as the great equalizer. Trauma knows no bounds. Trauma can happen to anyone, no matter their race, gender, or age. What Is Emotional Trauma? Dr. Gabor […]

The Four Horsemen In Relationship And Their Antidotes

Woman In Stress Finding Out The Way In Her Laptop To Cope Up With Her Stress

If you have ever attended couples counseling, there is a good chance that you have learned some skills from the Gottman Institute. I enjoy utilizing these skills with couples in my therapy practice, but also with individual clients because communication and relationships are everywhere. According to Gottman’s research, they have identified the 4 Horsemen of the […]

Feeling Emotionally Numb: Signs, Symptoms & Strategies

Woman Feeling Emotionally Numb

Article At Glance: Use mindfulness, body awareness, and rhythmic movements to reconnect mind and body. Recognize and reduce stressors like work, relationships, and life events causing numbness. Seek support from friends, family, and therapists to avoid isolation. Healing occurs within a community. Prioritize self-care: sleep well, spend time outside, and bond with pets to reconnect […]

How To Recover From Emotional Trauma

Recover From Your Emotional Trauma With Best Therapies

Ways To Heal Emotional Trauma (1) Connection and community are essential for trauma recovery Earlier we discussed that trauma is a response to a stressful event that disrupts our sense of self and shatters our sense of security. These events cause a disconnect between ourselves and our community. The goal of trauma therapy is to […]