How to Talk to Your Therapist About Sex

Man Feeling Shame To Talk About Sex With Therapiest

Article At Glance: Discussing sex takes openness from both client and therapist. Look for signs a potential therapist is truly sex-positive. Therapists must self-educate about clients’ sexual identities/experiences. Healing comes through multiple modalities, not just talk therapy alone. Last month some of our therapists sat down with Karen Yates, a Chicago based sex therapist and […]

Am I Depressed or Lazy? Differences You Need To Know [2023]

Difference Between Depressed And Lazy

Article At Glance: Laziness often stems from societal pressure and can mask underlying mental health issues. Depression presents symptoms beyond laziness, including sadness, hopelessness, and changes in appetite and sleep. Seek help for depression symptoms and practice self-care for emotional management. If you want to know whether you are depressed or just lazy, we have […]