Harm Reduction

Goals Of Harm Reduction Therapy

Harm Reduction Therapy In Chicago, IL Pragmatic Help without Judgement Book Your Appointment RESPECT AND SUPPORT FOR YOUR GOALS When life hands you too much to deal with, it’s common to self-soothe with substances. It can feel like there are no other options, and many people find it easier to cope with stress, upsetting emotions, […]

Somatic Work

How much damage have you taken today?

Somatic Therapy In Chicago, IL Feelings are born in your body Book Your Appointment Learn to manage emotions and pain more effectively HAVE YOU BEEN EXPERIENCING PAIN OR PHYSICAL DISCOMFORT? In the past two weeks, have you experienced several of the following? Headaches Faintness or dizziness Pain in your chest, stomach, back, arms, legs or […]

Sex Positive

Screws Sex Positive

Sex Positive Therapy In Chicago, IL Let’s Talk About Sex And Pleasure​ Book Your Appointment IT CAN’T GET BETTER IF YOU CAN’T TALK ABOUT IT The majority of therapists receive little to no training on talking about sexuality issues. A lot of couples come into therapy to talk about their sex life and spend months […]


Rebuild Intimacy, Friendship And Sexual Connection With Gottman Therapy Approach

Gottman Therapy In Chicago, IL Rebuilding Intimacy, friendship, and sexual Connection Book Your Appointment CREATE THE PARTNERSHIP YOU DESERVE Relationships are hard work. There can be fighting about money or big decisions, co-parenting tensions, issues in the bedroom, tension with extended families — and over time, you can lose your connection, trust, communication and sense […]


A person sits crossed legged on a white mat, wearing white leggings and a white top. Their right hand is showing in the foreground of the photo, with the palm facing up, with the thumb and forefinger connected.

Mindfulness Therapy In Chicago, IL Find Calm In The Present Moment Book Your Appointment BECOMING AWARE THROUGH MINDFULNESS DO YOU HAVE ANY OF THESE THOUGHTS? Do you put yourself down or undervalue yourself to the point of struggling to set boundaries or prioritize yourself? Does your mind often repeat unhelpful, negative questions and thoughts? Do […]


Dialectical Behavior Therapy For Brain Disorders

DIALECTICAL BEHAVIOR THERAPY​ In Chicago, IL From worried to panicked, we have your back Helping You Calm The Storm Book Your Appointment Regularly feeling overwhelmed by intense emotions and mental health issues? We want to help you feel empowered and hopeful about recovery and finding your sense of calm. Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) helps people […]


CBT blocks

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy In Chicago, IL Move Past Negative Thoughts Live In The Present Book Your Appointment You have so many responsibilities and stressors to balance every day — work, family, friends, bills and everything happening in the world. Dealing with mental or emotional challenges on top of that can be overwhelming. There are many […]