Supervision & Case Consultation

Supervision & Case Counseling In Chicago, IL We have expertise, and we love sharing it Book Your Appointment It can be hard to find skilled therapists who are available for consultation. CLINICAL SUPERVISION WITH BEST THERAPIES You already come to the field with passion, sensitivity and a desire to help others. You also want the […]

Support Groups & Skills Training

Family Counseling at Best Therapies

Group Therapy In Chicago, IL Healing Through Community Book Your Appointment ESSENTIAL SKILLS AND SUPPORT Humans are social animals, and many of us find comfort, support, solidarity, ideas and hope from being in community with people who relate to what we are going through or can offer a different perspective we may not have considered […]

Children & Adolescents Counseling

Therapy For Child And Adolescence

Children Counseling & Adolescence Therapy In Chicago, IL Your kid deserves the Best (pardon the Pun) Book Your Appointment HELPING KIDS HEAL, GROW AND THRIVE As adults, we underestimate the level of stress our young ones go through daily. Whether it’s overwhelming amounts of schoolwork, bullies that make them anxious or depressed in their academic […]

Relationship Counseling

Relationship Counseling at Best Therapies

Couples Counseling In Chicago, IL get your relationship on track Book Your Appointment Move Towards Your Best Relationship with Couples Counseling in Chicago Relationships are hard. It gets complicated trying to navigate intimacy, sex and conflict, plus all of the usual day-to-day stuff. Growing up in different homes with different families and rules can lead […]

Individual Therapy

Therapy For Individuals- Best Therapies

Individual Therapy In Chicago, IL Counseling and coaching, tailored just for you Book Your Appointment IT’S SELF-CARE — WITH LOTS OF SUPPORT Everyone has issues they can use support with — from their past and present — to help them lead more fulfilling lives, improve their well-being and create a better future. Of the many […]