The Beauty In Grief

Find Beauty In the Grief

Embracing the Bittersweet Reflections of the Season: Confronting Loss and the Complexity of Grief Tis the season of reflection and insight. The time we celebrate our successes and evaluate the thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve us. We ponder what’s changed in our lives and what remains the same. It’s a time of celebrating […]

The Importance of Holistic Wellness in Mood Management [2023]

Therapy For Mental Health

Something  that has been missing in many discussions regarding mental health is thinking of wellness as a holistic concept. Being well, to me, involves various systems that work in tandem with one another to help promote living your life to your fullest potential. One system can’t do all the work to achieve wellness. The systems […]

My Journey of Leaving Social Media: Three Steps So You Can Do It Too [2023]

Steps You can Do To Leave Social Media

Hello everyone, I’m a Millennial. It’s hard to admit, but it’s true. Don’t like the word; don’t like the label. Alas, the year I was born will never change. Throughout my identities as an artist, moving into my present-day identity as a therapist, I have had a very love-hate relationship with social media. It took […]

Feeling Hopeless: Ways to Beat Feeling Hopeless Now [2023]

When Will It End?

Do you want to overcome the feeling of hopelessness? This therapist-approved article will give you the top strategies to overcome hopelessness and feel like yourself again. Similar to the way we experience many emotions, we all have different subjective experiences of hopelessness. We also may have felt hopeless in different ways throughout the course of […]

Who am I? 5 Steps to Finding Identity During COVID-19 [2023]

Find Your Identity During Covid-19 With Best Therapies

Picture this:  The masses of Chicago fight through their bitter (potentially smelly–looking at you CTA) commute. At work, they put in long hours under high anxiety, before limping home to their relationships and families. Things with their families are awkward, as they know their relationships need help, but they never seem to have “time” to […]

Lions and Nomads: How to Cultivate Resilience in Trying Times [2023]


So let’s all admit it; things have been tough. Really tough. Between major competing crises (racial justice, economic destruction, political unrest), we have all had to muster up more resilience inside of us than we may have thought was possible. Daily, the New York Times reminds me of the crises that continue to rage on. […]

Social Isolation: How to Avoid the Painful Effects of Social Isolation [2023]

How To Avoid The Painful Effects Of Social Isolation

Are you wondering how social isolation can affect you or how to avoid it? Discover everything you need to know about social isolation in the era of COVID in this therapist-approved article. We all feel it. We all know it. That creeping feeling, like something, is crawling up your back. Our brain goes into a […]