Sarah Reynolds- Mental Health Counselor
Intern | She/Her/Hers

Let’s get real. Let’s get heavy. Let’s get silly.

I’m currently pursuing my Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and I hold a Master’s in Fine Arts. As an open-minded creative and counselor-in-training, I’m interested in exploring and employing any intervention techniques that will work best for you. If images work, let’s incorporate visuals. If making to-do lists is even better, I’m all for it! If you like to have your hands busy while talking about difficult subjects, let’s doodle together. If talk-therapy is the best way to work through something, I’m ready. My goal is to foster an honest space where you feel comfortable to say and do what feels best for you and your journey.

I believe that nothing and no one is stagnant, that sometimes things need to be explored from a different viewpoint to fully understand how to move forward. We can do that together in a thoughtful and open partnership by examining anything that you bring into the counseling space.

I practice from a person-centered, strengths-based approach which means that as a counselor-in-training, I will first build a connection with you, get to the roots of what makes you, you. By hearing your story, I will look for ways that we can build on your strengths to cultivate the best next step on your journey. I’m here to support you as you gain a deeper insight into what you want and desire.

I welcome you with open arms!